How To Sell Your Products To Target


Prove that there’s How Can I Pitch My Products To Get Them Stocked In Retail Stores? demand for your CPG with sales figures. If you don’t have sales figures from your own brand, then it’s time to do some market research and pull data from existing retailers and brands. If you’re looking to launch a new product in retail stores, Retailbound can help. We offer a wide range of services to manufacturers, from product development and packaging to shelf space planning and retailer relations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your new product onto store shelves. You will need to be able to explain how your product could fit into the retailer’s current selection and why it is different to other items they already have on sale.

How do you pitch something to a company?

  1. Understand what your audience wants from you. Pitch deck template.
  2. Have your elevator pitch ready. Imagine this.
  3. Use visual aids.
  4. Explain your business model clearly.
  5. Weave your passion or story with your pitch.
  6. Put the spotlight on benefits.
  7. Highlight why you're different from the competition.
  8. Share the story behind your team.

From the curated brands they carry, to the VIB program and their beauty-on-the-go section, Sephora has a clear brand that you need to get before even deciding whether your product is the right fit. Established in 1989, Mr. Checkout unites independent DSD distributors throughout the country servicing retailers from your Neighborhood Deli to your local Costco. Hopefully, these six tips have set you up for success and on the path to pitch confidence. However, if you’re still feeling a bit shaky at the knees about pitching, don’t fret. These can often be confusing, which is why it’s a topic I cover in my programme about pitching to retailers. Plus, these pitch documents can be used in countless situations.

Prove your sales value

For new products, the price point is always a key consideration. Too high and consumers will be unwilling to take a chance on something new; too low and the product may be perceived as being of poor quality. In addition, the price point must be competitive with other similar products on the retail shelves. A new product that is significantly more expensive than its competitors is unlikely to gain market share, while a new product that is priced too low is likely to generate little profits for the company. Thus, finding the right price point for a new product is essential for its success. You’re ready to start trying for that crucial face-to-face meeting.

If the retailer is a day or two late in picking up your order, your fruit may go bad, leading to smaller sales figures. A smaller retailer likely only has a handful of manufacturers to deal with and is more likely to maintain a solid relationship with you. As an owner of a company that goes through retailers to sell its products, you likely have visions of huge profits. Those profits are obviously easiest to attain by selling your products to large retailers. But while you stand a chance to achieve record sales, there are a few disadvantages of dealing with retail giants to keep in mind.

What else do you have — and what does that mean for your distribution partner?

In my previous career as a buyer, trade shows were the largest source of discovering new products and building relationships. Getting the message of the product on point is key to getting recognized before any retail buyer meetings. Grow the brand both online and offline via the media channels that resonate with your product’s audience. Get your product on the map before you get your product into the store. To help entrepreneurs sell their products to a big retail store, 10Young Entrepreneur Councilmembers share their best advice.

product into stores

Low-cost products at large retailers stem from several factors, including low shipping costs and price manipulation. The manufacturer must then hope that it can sell the product in bulk to make up for the lower-than-usual profit margin. A failure to move large amounts of the product can result in diminishing profits.

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